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Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival

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Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival

Japan America Center Seattle

April 8th-10th, 2022

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The Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival was first celebrated in 1976, when Seattle was given 1,000 cherry trees from Japan's Prime Minister Takeo Miki, a gift for America's 200th year.

The festival has since become an annual event, a 3-day celebration in April, when Washington’s cherry blossoms are in bloom. People near and far gather at the Seattle Center to learn about and appreciate Japanese culture and enhance the friendship between the people of Japan and Washington State.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a space for everyone to learn about and experience traditional Japanese culture, drawing in hundreds of thousands of people over the years. 


Event activities include:

  • demonstrations like taiko drumming and martial arts performances

  • hands-on activities like shodo (calligraphy), ikebana (flower arranging), and trying on kimono

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