Braden Bennight (September)

Welcome back to my monthly staff blog for the Hyogo Business & Cultural Center everyone!



September has certainly been very busy and interesting for our office. We said goodbye to our first summer intern this year from Issaquah as they returned to school and welcomed a new intern who’s currently a student at UW.

We’ve been asking our interns to assist us with renewing our website and creating more of a social media presence by writing articles and helping us come up with ideas for promoting Hyogo prefecture to Washingtonians and vice versa. They’ve been a great help in helping us think of what Washingtonians and younger people might be the most interested in when it comes to Hyogo.



We’ve decided to use our social media accounts to promote both Hyogo to Washingtonians, as well as Washington to the people of Hyogo. We’ve already begun posting on Twitter about Hyogo food and universities and on Instagram with photos we’ve taken of Mt. Rainier.



We will be continuing to work on the social media accounts, so please follow us at the below links!