February 2018

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The Hyogo-Kobe Booth

(Hyogo-Kobe Booth) 


We ran a “HYOGO-KOBE” booth with cooperation from the Kobe Trade Information Office at the “NY NOW Winter 2018 Market”, one of the largest designer goods and everyday goods exhibitions in North America.


The Kobe shoe company Jay Jay Japan Inc ran a booth introducing “dress-up shoes” called Johnny and Jessy with which one could remove the top and sole of the shoe using a zipper and change them.


The idea of Jay Jay Japan’s dress-up shoes’ with the tops being easily removable using a zipper,        (The Hyogo-Kobe Booth)
 as well as having tops with various designs and comfortable soles drew interest from visitors. Around 160 companies visited during the four days and online shoppers and buyers of travel goods showed great interest.


There was a comment from a visitor that because there are many people in America with large foot sizes, we should also prepare sizes larger than the Japanese 30cm size.


We hope that Jay Jay Japan will be able to make the best of this experience and continue to expand their overseas marketing outlets.


○ Date February 4~7

○ Place New York      Jacob K Javits Convention Center