• MCC FOODS-Pasta Sauce

MCC Foods

Established in 1954, MCC Foods makes convenient ready-to-eat meals, such as cooked canned, pouched, and frozen foods. MCC Food began producing and selling these products ahead of other companies in Japan.

Pasta Sauce (Crab Tomato Cream, Scallop Cream, Vongole Bianco)

Excellent, genuine, and luxurious pasta sauce. Add these sauces to your dishes and make your day luxurious!




Kobe Taste Vegetable Curry

No flour and meat. This dish really brings out the full flavor of the ingredient. Suitable for vegetarians and vegetable lovers! Taste this and feel Kobe!





  • ROKKO MISO-Miso Paste


Rokko Miso has been loved by the local people so long. Since 1918, Rokko Miso has continued to make miso in Hyogo, with its traditional techniques.
Using plenty of Koji, Rokko Miso’s products have sweet and rich taste.

White Miso, Red Miso, Awase Miso
Enjoy this great miso with any dishes and add the amazing and rich taste of miso to your everyday meals! Don’t forget to have miso soup every morning!





  • KANETETSU-Hobokani


Kanetetsu was established in Higashinada-ku, Kobe in 1926 and has manufactured and sold fish paste products such as kamaboko and chikuwa. Kanetetsu’s mascot character is a little boy named “Tecchan”.



Hobokani is the crab stick that tastes the most like snow crab in the world. You can enjoy feeling the crab flavor. You can eat it as-is or for cooking.