Hyogo Business & Cultural Center is proud to announce that pre-registration for Summer Institute 2019 has opened. Summer Institute 2019 is here to learn more about language education, and how to improve your Japanese language course for your students.
This year we welcome back Professor Yasuhiko Tohsaku, as he will lead our 3 day workshop from August 20 through August 22, 2019. This year’s course is titled,
“Designing Learning Activities Developing 21st-Century Skills – Golden Principles of Effective Instructional Design.”
WATJ & ATJO members can register at the member price of $50. Non-members can also participate for a $100 registration fee. We also would like to thank the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington (JCCCW) for allowing us to use their facility for Summer Institute 2019.
For registration and more information, please go to our webpage:
We are going to hold the Seminar in Kobe by Misao Watabe, Buyer, Uwajimaya.
Please see the our Japanese page.
Tempei Nakamura US West Coast Concert Tour! Please register to get your seats!

3/25: JASO's "Sakura Sunday" & Classic Pianos Portland
More Info:
Sakura Sunday:

Classic Pianos Portland:

3/26: Japanese Baptist Church Seattle

3/27: St. Mark Lutheran Church Lacey

Born 1980, a native of Kobe, Japan, Tempei Nakamura began his studies on the piano at age 5. In junior high, his home was destroyed by the Great Hanshin Earthquake. He dropped out of high school to work in the demolition industry, but despite that he went on to study at the Osaka University of the Arts. In 2006, he relocated to the USA to pursue his career internationally. He performs annually in Europe and Japan. He has dedicated his “Rising Sun” project to the reconstruction efforts of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and was honored by the Hyogo Prefecture Artists Society with the Award for the Advancement of the Arts in 2015. He is currently based in New York City and Tokyo, but Japanese Composer and Pianist Tempei Nakamura will visit and play in Portland, Oregon, Seattle & Lacey, Washington.

His music is attracting many new fans and he is known for creating a maverick style in the piano field. He is influenced by many music styles ( Classical, Jazz, Progressive rock, etc) And his music is not tied to any specific genre.
There are so many questions about Kobe Beef. “Where can I eat Kobe Beef?” or “Where can I buy Kobe Beef.” In 2007, Kobe Beef was registered as a Regional Corrective Trademark by Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. In this Association, all breeding farms, fattening farms and traders of Kobe Beef are to be designated and registered. Furthermore all wholesale stores, retail stores and restaurants of the Association are to display their designated registration certificate and bronze statue as the member’s proof at their shop front.
On July 16th a meeting between representatives of British Columbia and Hyogo Prefecture was held at the Vancouver restaurant Ryuu Japanese Kitchen. Eighteen delegates from a variety of fields gathered to eat and discuss topics related to Hyogo Prefecture. Currently there are roughly one hundred people who are registered as a part of this prefectural group.

For anyone who would like to join the British Columbia・Hyogo Prefecture group, please send a friend request to “Naoto Horita” on Facebook, or send her an e-mail at
On July 12th, the famous Taiko drummer from Kobe, Yuichi Kimura, visited Washington and presented a workshop introducing Taiko drumming. In Lacey at the Music Hall of St. Martin's University, Yuichi Kimura gave a performance with a large drum, gave a lecture on the history and different types of Taiko drums, and gave collaborative performances with piano accompaniment and a live calligrapher. All of the approximately 30 participants were able to practice playing the drums, and enjoy experiencing Taiko’s 3-3-7 rhythm.

In the Yelm Public Library there was also a workshop with 14 children on making their own Taiko drum. By using tape on buckets all students were able to perform together with the drums that they made.

There was also a Taiko performance in Olympia’s Percival Landing Park. The thirty plus audience members were fascinated by the performance. In fact, audience feedback at all venues was very positive!

The Olympian newspaper published an article on the St. Martin's event, as well as a brief video of Mr. Kimura's performance!
Check it out at
On July 5-7, the HBCC held its annual Summer Institute, a workshop where Japanese language teachers can come to work with an expert instructor and hone their teaching skills. The class this year was taught by Professor Hiroko Kataoka of California State University, Long Beach. She led her students through three days of intensive training on the topic, “Mid-term and Final Exams: Revisiting Paper and Pencil Assessments with Contextualization and Personalization.”

The HBCC considers the workshop a great success. It was a pleasure to see so many dedicated teachers engaged in improving their ability to help students learn. Thank you very much to Kataoka-sensei, to the Japanese Cultural Community Center of Washington for hosting, and to all of the students who participated in the workshop!
"ART BEASTIES is a Japanese artist collective based in New York City. We live in different time zones: NY, Seattle, Tokyo and Kobe. We communicate online and some of us have never met in person. Having started off experiencing somewhat counter-intuitive and awkward moments created through E-mail, Skype or SNS communication across three time zones, we now explore the gap in our perception of time."

ART BEASTIES investigates new discoveries and possibilities that miscommunications, time lag, digital glitch and cultural and linguistic context create. Their projects include painting, photography, printing, sculpture installation, video installation, clothing, knitting and contemporary dance performance.

Show June 1-5 2016
An exhibition was held on May 1st at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW) for Children’s Day. The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center set up a booth along with the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association and the Northwest Nikkei Museum. Visitors to our room could learn about Hyogo Prefecture, try on a yukata, and practice origami. Throughout the JCCCW, building visitors could also enjoy performances of Taiko drums, Soran Bushi, Judo, and a Yokai Dance Workshop. Other activities included tea ceremonies, English Karuta, Kendama competitions, making flying carp kites and water balloons, and trying on traditional armor. Throughout the day many families, making up more than 1,500 people, enjoyed the festivities!
On Friday, April 22nd, the 33rd Annual Washington State Japanese Speech and Skit Contest was held in the Seattle Center Armory. High School students from throughout Washington State participated, some performing short skits they had written and practiced themselves, and others giving three-minute speeches about a variety of topics, including their family, life experiences, and social issues.

The winner of the highest-level skit contest was Bellevue High School’s “Speed Dating in Japan,” a comedy sketch about a young girl choosing a boyfriend - all four performers were male.

The winner of the highest-level speech contest was Garfield High School’s Amira Abdel-Fattah, who gave a speech on issues regarding global warming called, “The Environmental Problem.”

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Full results can be found at

Pictured: Bellevue High School's "Speed Dating in Japan"
We had a booth at the Northwest's largest anime and manga convention, Sakura-con, introducing our office, Japanese culture, and some sightseeing places in Hyogo! Attendees were friendly, interested, and quite well-dressed ...
We have a new intern from this week! Manami is from Kobe and studying international economics at University of Hyogo.
She has also studyed Psychology and Social Justice at The Evergreen State College as an exchange student for nine months. Manami said " My friends and many experiences at The Evergreen State College helped me deeply recognize my own value and broaden my horizons. So in this time, I decided to do internship here because I’d like to support promoting relationships between Washington State and Hyogo Prefecture! I hope what I do here could encourage people to enjoy exchanging culture and advance understanding themselves and others inside and out. I'm also looking forward to staying summer in Seattle!"
June 30th, 2015 – Mayor Hajime Kurihara led a delegation of seven from Tatsuno City, Japan to visit Covington City with the purpose of the signing of a letter of Intent to create a sister city relationship.

Press Release English Version full.pdf
2 year anniversary event  @TENSUSHI 
ITO WAGYU Special Course with Fukuju 福寿
Wagyu can be directly translated as “Japanese beef raised in Japan”.
Japan has the highest standards for beef with its A5 and A4 grades being of exceptional quality. Shin, executive chef of Tensushi , will prepare this delicacy as steak and Aburi sushi for your enjoyment. Please come and experience fresh ITO WAGYU, packed in Japan on May 18th, chilled, and delivered by air to TEN SUSHI.

★A la carte: Aburi Sushi, Steak etc.

★★Four Course Dinner with Japanese Sake Fukuju-$90

Sashimi from Tsukiji

ITO WAGYU Steak 3.5oz

Today’s special and ITO WAGYU Aburi Sushi


June 14th – 20th
500 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109
organized by Hyogo Business& Cultural Center

New Staff has started working HBCC!

Hello Everyone! My name is Zachary Slade Espil. As of this week I will be working as the new Cultural and Educational Project Manager at the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center. After graduating with a B.A. in Linguistics in 2010, I spent a few years studying and traveling in Japan. Most of my time was spent in Osaka, and I have grown to love the Kansai region. In addition to my love for Japanese language and culture, I am also a sports enthusiast, and have been actively involved in athletics my entire life. I look forward to meeting and working with you all in the future!
As of April 1, 2015, Norihisa Mizuguchi is back to Hyogo Prefectural Office to assume his new assignmen at Hyogo Tourism Bureau. Hideaki Kawachi is assigned to new Executive Director of Hyogo Business and Cultural Center. He will be coming here by the end of April.
Our offices will be closed below dates.

12/23 The Emperor's Birthday (Japanese National Holiday)
12/24 Christmas Eve
12/25 Christmas day
12/26 Open
12/29 New Year's Holiday
12/30 New Year's Holiday
12/31 New Year's Holiday
1/1 New Year's Holiday
1/2 New Year's Holiday
1/5 Open
We will be holding Tea Ceremony Event "Experience the Way of Tea"
There are still a few seats. Please check out the flier and contact Brian Chu.

Tea Ceremony 2pm-4pm(Tea and Sweets)
レセプション 5pm-6:30pm (Food, Beer and wine)

【Venue】 Nikkei Concerns(Nikkei Keiro) Garden Room (1601 East Yesler Way, Seattle)

【Fee】 $35 Please send check to our office

Brian Chu
Meet the Brewers on 29th & 30th September!

Please find the flyer below!
9/29 17:00- Tensushi
20140908_Tensushi sake flyer medium3.pdf

9/30 17:00- sake nomi
20140912_sake nomi flyer medium.pdf

7月10日(水) 県立伊丹高校到着

7月11日(木) 登校・授業・講演会出席

7月12日(金) 奈良遠足(奈良公園付近)
7月13日(土) ホストファミリーと過ごす

7月14日(日) 新大阪駅から東京へ

U.S.-Japan Relations – The Implications for the Pacific Northwest Economy and Trade

6月20日(金)June 20th
12:30 ~ 14:00 “Life in Foreign Service” (Japanese 日本語です)
15:00 ~ 17:30 Symposium / Leadership Panel (in English)
17:30 ~ 19:30 Reception
Location: Bellevue City Hall: 450 110th Ave NE, Bellevue WA

Registration fee: JASSW Member $25, Non-Members $35
JASSW Student member $10* Non-member Student $15*
*Student fee does not include reception.
その記念イベントとして6/19 (木)18時から、JTBシアトルさんとともに兵庫県ワシントン州事務所がイベント参加と観光ブースを設置します。
Lottery : one chance with every six plates 6/1 - 6/29
Get Free Items:
$20 Gift Ticket, Free Ten Plate($9.85), Green Tea(SA company),
Green Tea Float, etc.

JTB USA DAY (&Hyogo day) ⇒ ⇒ 6/19 FRYING(FLYING) SPECIAL: art of TEMPURA $5,85 (regular price $7.85)

DATE: 6/19 Thursday 6:00pm – 9:00pm
!!! Key Tips to Enjoy Travel to JAPAN !!!
Date : Friday, June 19th, 2014
Place : Ten Sushi (Lower Queen Anne QFC)

------ Session Schedule ------

6:00PM : Intro to Japan Rail Pass and Hyogo Quiz! – Who can use it and its practical use. 6:30PM : Customized tours to Japan – Plan your visit to Japan to fit your needs.

7:00PM : Airfare Japan 101 – A practical backstage look good for both the business and leisure traveler.

7:30PM : Group Travel – The ABCs of planning a good Group Trip

8:00PM : Same as 6:00PM above

8:30PM : Same as 6:30PM above
— 場所: Ten Sushi
アメリカでは、日本でも大ヒットとなったWalking Deadのようなゾンビがメインとなったドラマが人気です。
撮影にあたり、 200人と俳優さんたち、, 1,300人のエキストラ、100人以上の撮影スタッフの皆さんが来ています。すごい経済効果ですね!