UPDATE: 2020 Japanese Speech & Skit Contest will be held as video contest!
2020-05-18News Image

This year, our annual Washington State Japanese Speech & Skit Contest
will no longer be held at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington,
due to social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions currently in place throughout
Washington State.

Now, we are excited to invite contestants to participate in our “RECord Video Japanese Speech &
Clip Contest.” In this new contest format, contestants can submit a video of themselves
speaking in Japanese and compete with others from the comfort of their own homes.
Top videos will win a prize, and the best submissions may be premiered at the Japan-America
Society of the State of Washington’s (JASSW) “Virtual Japan-In-the-Schools (JIS) Festival”
to be held on June 4.

High school students who are interested in participating in the RECord Video Speech &
Skit Contest should visit the official Japanese Language Speech & Skit Contest website

For more information on participating in the Virtual JIS Festival, please visit JASSW’s
event website

Please contact office@hyogobcc.org for any questions.

We eagerly await your participation in this unique opportunity!