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Hyogo's Education

Recently, Hyogo Prefecture has been making various efforts related to education. “Experiential education” is one of these efforts. It is based on the lessons learned from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and aims to help students acquire a “zest for life” and live robustly. For example, 5th grade elementary school students try various activities in a natural environment.
2nd year junior high school students do activities such as welfare experience, work experience, and experience working as a kindergarten teacher. Many other experiences have been developed in areas like internships and study abroad programs.

University of Hyogo

University of Hyogo is one of the largest universities in Hyogo and consists of 6 departments, 14 graduate programs, and 4 affiliated research institutes, and has 9 campuses in Hyogo.

This university provides an opportunity for many students to study high technology, experience international engagement, and participate in community-based activities like communicating with and providing local goods for local residents. 

The University of Hyogo has opened offices overseas, one of which is in Seattle, Washington.

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Professional College of Arts and Tourism

This university officially opened in April 2021, making it the newest college in Japan to date. Its president is Oriza Hirata, a famous Japanese playwright, director, and academic best known for creating what he has coined "contemporary colloquial theater." Located in Toyooka, the university aims to develop professionals who create regional vitality and contribute to society using the arts and tourism.

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