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About the Companies
Kawasaki and Sysmex are two major companies in Japan. They are looking to collaborate with American startups in not only the fields listed below, but in a number of industries and projects. See their websites for more details.


Kawasaki is committed to providing customers unique business solutions with their innovative technologies to meet diverse societal needs worldwide.


Satellite, Data Analysis, Robotics


Factory Automation, Predictive Medicine, Robotics, Smart Factory


Hydrogen Purification, Hydrogen Usage, CCUS, Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Sysmex is lighting the way to better health with diagnostic solutions that transform the future of healthcare and contribute to healthier lives.

Digital Health, Digital Medicine, Digital Therapeutics, Digital Biomarkers

Healthcare IT, Blockchain for Healthcare, Healthcare Analysis

Regenerative Medicine, Cell Medicine, Unique Biomarker, Unique Detection Technology, Point-of-Care Testing, Non-Invasive Testing/Therapy

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