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Washington's Industries

In part due to its unique geography, Washington’s economic sector is extremely diverse. In the eastern half, agriculture is the dominant market, while the western half dominates the tech, trade, and healthcare industries. Washington’s position along the northern west coast makes this state the focal point of international traffic for trade overseas. 


If Seattle is known for one industry only, it would be technology. Seattle has been home to some of the world’s leading information/tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia. The state’s top-class research institutions also provide major firms such as Apple, Alibaba, and Facebook with a rich pool of engineering prospects. Game development is also a prominent industry in Seattle, with the Valve Corporation and Microsoft being some of the top developers in the industry.

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Military and Defense

Being bordered by two international boundaries to the north and west, Washington state’s strategic position is a paramount to national security and defense. Washington state hosts Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the largest military installation west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as multiple naval shipyards in the Puget Sound. The massive military presence in Washington state allows the defense industry to thrive here.


The eastern half of Washington state is geographically ideal for agriculture. With its rolling hills, fertile soil, and sunny weather, Washington state produces huge quantities of agricultural goods. Washington state’s food manufacturing sector is the second largest in the nation and is the leader in apple, hops, and cherry production. Washington also produces huge amounts of seafood due to its accessibility to open waters.

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