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Japan Week

Bellevue College

October 3rd-8th, 2022 (TBD)

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For one week each year, Bellevue College becomes the location of Washington’s greatest exposure to Japanese culture.
Japan Week aims to expose the community to Japanese culture beyond just what is commonly shown in the media. Given the emphasis on traditional culture, Japan Week has innumerable workshops and events dedicated to Japanese history, arts and crafts, festivals, and music. 

Despite this, fans of Japanese pop culture will not find themselves idle. Japan Week has several panels dedicated to modern media and even has a cosplay contest!


As Bellevue College’s largest student run event, Japan Week has strong ties to the Japanese consulate and local Japanese community organizations who participate every year to represent their culture.

This past year, Japan Week migrated to a virtual setting to accommodate health and safety concerns. The new asynchronous online Japan Week format proved to be a great success, exceeding expectations by attracting thousands of visitors from across the globe. Japan Week's online events are still available to those interested and can be found here:

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