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Hyogo Tourism


Hyogo Prefecture is located in the Kansai region, and can be reached in less than an hour by train from Kyoto City, Osaka City, and the Kansai International Airport. The prefecture can also be reached by bullet train in 3-3.5 hours from Tokyo.

Hyogo is a great place to visit for culture, food, experiences, and adventures off the beaten track!

Hyogo's Official Tourism Websites

Tourism Banner Amagasaki_edited.jpg
Tourism Banner Kasai_edited.jpg
Tourism Banner Kinosaki Onsen_edited.jpg
Tourism Banner Kami_edited.jpg
tourism Banner Tamba-Sasayama_edited.jpg
Tourism Banner Tamba_edited.jpg

Official Hyogo Tourism Pamphlets

HYOGO: A Japan in Miniature

See some great features of Japan all packed into one prefecture! These include culture, food, onsen, and nature.

Adventures in Hyogo Prefecture

Learn about outdoor adventure activities in Hyogo Prefecture, specifically in the San'in Geopark and Awaji Island regions.

Sustainable Travel in Hyogo Thumbnail.jpg

Sustainable Travel in Hyogo

Travel sustainably in Hyogo Prefecture through outdoor adventures, cultural activities, and accommodations.

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