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Consider expanding your business into the Japanese market!

The Hyogo Business & Cultural Center offers a wide range of business services, including facilitating market research in Japan, disseminating information, and finding and introducing possible business partners. For more detailed information regarding business in Hyogo, please visit the Hyogo Kobe Best Portal Zone.

Advantages of Establishing a Business in Hyogo

1. Good Price of Doing Business  

Hyogo office rent and labor costs are over 30% less expensive than those in Tokyo. 

*Hyogo Kobe Area Data


2. Ideal Market for your Pilot Operation

You'll find a market of significant size waiting for you in the Kansai area - the Osaka Metropolitan Region is of comparable economic scale to the Netherlands.

*GDP comparison of Japan’s regions with other countries (US$ billion)


3. Individually Customized Business Support both in Japan and in the U.S. from the HBCC

Think of us as an overseas office without the overhead. Our goal is to help boost our region’s economy by assisting your business. For more detailed information,  please contact

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