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April 14th-17th, 2022

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Washington State Convention Center

Held over Easter weekend at the Washington State Convention Center, Sakura-Con is Washington state’s largest Anime and Japanese Pop-Culture convention. While pop culture is the event’s primary driving force, one can still find panels discussing traditional culture.


Running since 1998, Sakura-Con benefits from strong name recognition, it regularly pulls over 25,000 attendees, many of which travel from out of state.


Events at Sakura-Con typically include:
Ranging from karaoke to cosplay


Fan Panels
For discussion of all varieties of anime and Japanese pop culture


Masquerade Ball
Sporting a different theme each year, the Masquerade Ball is a formal and family-friendly event


Cosplay Chess
A flamboyant take on chess featuring your favorite anime characters as chess pieces


Gaming Room
Sakura-Con hosts a massive gaming room available for free to all registered attendees


Manga Library
A huge selection of manga is made available along with library staff to aid your search for great reads

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