At the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center in Washington, we are always looking for qualified and curious bilingual interns. At our office, we seek to hire interns willing to engage in Japanese-American cultural and economic exchange through projects and events. We welcome those with fresh and creative ideas looking to garner valuable experience in foreign relations.

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More about Internships

An intern’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hyogo sightseeing PR

  • Cultural Event Assistant

  • Graphic design for flyers and posters.

  • Content translation for English and Japanese

  • Article and social media writer

  • Basic marketing research (Compiling business lists, etc.), general affairs

  • Research on economic matters

  • Economic seminar assistant


If you are interested in interning at our Washington Office, please send a copy of your resume and cover letter to





“As an intern at the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center in Washington, I was principally involved in promoting the 50th anniversary of the sister-state relationship between Washington State and Hyogo Prefecture. To begin, I served as a clerk for the Awaji Puppet theater performance, which was attended by the Hyogo Prefecture Governor and Senator of Washington State. I was further involved in preparing a Hyogo Business and Cultural Center booth, where we conducted PR for Hyogo Prefecture. The main event I was involved in was a banquet at the Washington state capitol building to celebrate the renewal of the Sister-State relationship between Washington and Hyogo on its 50th anniversary, where the Hyogo and Washington governors were both involved in signing the agreement. With fellow students from Hyogo Prefecture, I worked to help interpret and translate English and Japanese.

I also worked on a product exhibition to promote exports from Hyogo prefecture, where I interacted directly with the Washington Governor’s staff to promote economic exchange. At a Kansai Seminar, I worked to organize and seat VIP attendees, among whom was the CEO of Costco. Even as a Japanese citizen, I was able to gain insight into tourism in the Kansai region.” 

Can I still apply if I am a High School student?
Though the HBCC typically hires college students, high school students with strong leadership experience, Japanese language skills, and demonstrated interest in foreign relations are welcome to apply for a summer internship or volunteer opportunity.


When is the best time to apply?
Internships and volunteer opportunities are available year round, though we can only accommodate so many interns at any given time. Any prospective applicant should consider their own schedule before applying. 


How long will an internship or volunteer opportunity last?
Interns at the HBCC usually work two weeks, five days a week, for five hours per day. This option is typically chosen by Japanese college students, who come to Seattle for a brief period to experience American culture and work environment while sharpening their English language skills. Volunteers should be available for about a month, and be able to come in during the latter half of the week.

Who can I go to if I have more questions?
Please email our assistant manager, Alejandro Llamas, at if you have any questions.

  • Our office is following CDC-recommended social distancing and sanitation procedures to ensure the safety of our staff. Since our office has a limited capacity, there are fewer available positions for volunteers and interns. If you are interested in working with us, but are hesitant due to Covid-19, please contact with any questions or concerns.

  • Interns do not receive compensation for their time, parking fees, or other related expenses.

From the Voice of an Intern (2013)

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