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Hyogo's Industries

The Hanshin and Harima areas account for more than 90% of the prefecture’s population, and are metropolitan areas where industries such as steel, shipbuilding, and machinery are concentrated. There are also the Tajima, Tamba, and Awaji areas where, surrounded by abundant nature, industries like agriculture, forestry and fisheries are thriving.


Because Hyogo prefecture faces two seas with completely different natural environments, they can get various kinds of fish. In the Tajima region there is the famous crab named matsuba-gani and the aquaculture industry is famous in the southern region. Both regions are thriving in the processing industry and have a variety of well-known fish products.



Rice: It is the most abundant crop in Hyogo.

Tanba beef and Kobe beef: These are the most famous beef brands in Japan. The cows are held only in Hyogo prefecture from birth until slaughter. These brands can be proud to introduce their products to the world because they are guaranteed by the Minister of Agriculture.

Sake: Hyogo has many kinds of prestigious sakes. We can get the best water to make sake at the confluence of three rivers flowing from Mt. Rokko.

Leisure/Tourist Spots

In Hyogo you can enjoy marine sports and swimming in the Apan and Seto Island seas in the summer. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing in the Tanba area.

Himeji Castle: Himeji Castle is a very famous Word Heritage Site. It is also called ”Shirasagi (Egret) Castle” because of its white appearance. This was built in1609 by Warlord Terumasa Ikeda. In spring it is a popular location for cherry blossom viewing for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Hot Spring: Hyogo is home to Arima Onsen in the south, Kinosaki Onsen in the northeast, and Yumura Onsen in the northwest.

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