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End of Summer Fun

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

When thinking of summer in Japan, fireworks and camping will often come to mind. Hyogo is home to many summer fireworks festivals and camping grounds, but for those who are looking for camping with an easier setup can try glamping (glamorous camping). As summer comes to an end, we can look at the following glamping and fireworks information to plan for next year.


Recommended between April and November, glamping provides all of the outdoor fun and relaxation without the hassle of preparing tents and food. All throughout Hyogo Prefecture, visitors can go glamping amidst gorgeous nature. There are glamping sites that overlook the sea, the mountains, rice fields, and more. These glamping sites typically provide beautiful barbecue sets filled with local food perfect for eating outdoors.

Check out a list of some recommended glamping spots throughout the prefecture:

GRAND CHARIOT Hokutoshichisei

Part of Awaji’s amusement park Nijigen no Mori, this glamping site features anime-themed villas like the Naruto room and the Crayon Shin-chan room.

Glamp Dome Kobe Tenku

Located in a lush green area just 20 minutes from Sannomiya, this glamping site includes a dome tent and private barbecue space.

Dot Glamping Ako

With stunning scenery of the Seto Inland Sea, this glamping site has dome-shaped tents that have a full range of amenities. The site also boasts private saunas and barbecue sets.

Fireworks Festivals

In addition to glamping amidst Hyogo’s nature, visitors to Hyogo can enjoy a host of fireworks festivals in various cities and towns throughout the prefecture.

Awaji Island Festival

The oldest fireworks festival in Hyogo, the Awaji Island Festival has a display of 7,000 fireworks over the Sumoto River. With fireworks, as well as a procession of 50 groups of dancers, this festival is not one to miss!

Kinosaki Onsen Fireworks

From late July to August, Kinosaki Onsen is home to nightly fireworks displays and various performances. The climax of the festival season occurs at the end of August, when lanterns are released on the Otani River for a gorgeous nighttime display.

Minato Kobe Fireworks Festival

This festival, which is the largest-scale one in Kobe, is held near the Kobe Port, with 10,000 fireworks lighting up the sky. Many festivalgoers view the fireworks from a cruise out on the sea.

Hyogo Prefecture is easily reachable from Osaka and Kyoto by JR train. The Hyogo Tourism Bureau provides more detailed information about traveling to and within the prefecture.

Please email us at if you have any questions about Hyogo Prefecture or the Kansai region.

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