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Professional Taiko Drummer Yuichi Kimura's Visit to Washington

On July 12th, the famous Taiko drummer from Kobe, Yuichi Kimura, visited Washington and presented a workshop introducing Taiko drumming. In Lacey at the Music Hall of St. Martin's University, Yuichi Kimura gave a performance with a large drum, gave a lecture on the history and different types of Taiko drums, and gave collaborative performances with piano accompaniment and a live calligrapher. All of the approximately 30 participants were able to practice playing the drums, and enjoy experiencing Taiko’s 3-3-7 rhythm.

In the Yelm Public Library there was also a workshop with 14 children on making their own Taiko drum. By using tape on buckets all students were able to perform together with the drums that they made.

There was also a Taiko performance in Olympia’s Percival Landing Park. The thirty plus audience members were fascinated by the performance. In fact, audience feedback at all venues was very positive!

The Olympian newspaper published an article on the St. Martin's event, as well as a brief video of Mr. Kimura's performance! Check it out on the Olympian News website.

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