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RECord Video Japanese Speech & Clip Contest Results

A big thank you to all 22 participants in the 2020 Washington State Japanese Speech & Skit Contest (renamed “RECord video Japanese Speech & Clip Contest” this year)! Although the original Speech & Skit Contest was canceled this year due to Covid-19, we were able to hold a “video” Speech & Skit Contest and we asked participants to submit videos of themselves speaking in Japanese.

The contest was divided into two categories: the Speech Contest and the Clip Contest. In the Speech Contest, students recorded themselves giving speeches based on the theme of “Making connections through the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics.”

In the Clip Contest (originally the Skit Contest), students were asked to submit a video based on the theme “What do you know about Japan?” Participants were placed within three “best” categories: “Best Pronunciation,” “Best Script,” and “Best Understanding of Culture.”

To see a full list of the contest results, please visit the official Japanese Speech & Skit Contest website.

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