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Washington's Education

Washington is often ranked as one of the top US states in education, right behind New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida. There are also more than 40 institutions of higher education in the state.

K-12 Education

Washington state is one of only a few states to offer language immersion programs for residents in languages other than Spanish. Language immersion programs foster bilingual ability from a young age by implementing foreign languages into the lives of school children. Washington state has 3 language immersion programs available, focusing on Mandarin, Japanese, and Spanish. Exposing children to foreign cultures and languages results in citizens that are adept at navigating an increasingly globalized world market.

See here for information concerning Seattle public schools and their Dual Language Immersion programs.

Classroom Furnitures
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University of Washington

The flagship university of Washington state, this university is a nationally top ranked public university renowned for its medical and engineering schools. In the last decade, UW’s computer science program has become one of the best CS programs in the nation. Housing 46,000 students, the UW is located across Lake Union, north of downtown Seattle. Thousands of tourists flock to the UW during late March to view the famous cherry blossoms in the Quad.

Washington State University

Another flagship university of Washington state, Washington State University is a public university well known for its work in agriculture sciences. The main campus is located in Pullman, roughly a 5-hour drive from Seattle. Surrounded by vast fields of golden wheat and an ever-stretching sky, the WSU campus provides students with an experience that is unattainable in an urban setting. Housing approximately 29,000 students, the bustling WSU campus is very modern, with a ginormous football stadium marking the center of campus.

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Central Washington University

The hidden gem of the Washington colleges, Central Washington University provides students with the best of urban and rural experiences. Located in Ellensburg, a 90 minute drive from Seattle, Central Washington University only houses about 12,000 students. This means that 40% of its classes have 20 students or less, which is amazing for those seeking a more personal relationship with their mentors. Truly an underrated institution, CWU’s low in-state tuition, modest population and amazing faculty will certainly please students who are pursuing a more intimate and affordable college experience.

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